s StreakEye - Field Service and Resource Management Solution

StreakEye - Field Service and Resource Management Solution

Streakeye gives a holistic view of the project in a manner which can be easily interpreted through various snapshots and give competitive analysis to the organization and the stake holders to manage the projects in a better way. It gives the view of the project adherence at all stages.

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Our app comes with all the elements that are required to get a neat and ingenious design.


Geo Attendance

The system is designed in such a manner that you can track and evaluate the accurate time your employee spends on the job. The selfie feature allows you in this process with date, time, and location regarding information of the employee's attendance to avoid manipulation.


Live Tracker System

Keep tabs on your team and field force. Know the specifics like workforce attendance, productive hours, total distance traveled, and location etcetera anytime anywhere. Allocate geofences at the entry/exit points at get alerted whenever your executives pass through there.


Data Visualizing

Visualizing data through dashboards is a very modern approach to analyzing and organizing your marketing data. Dashboards simplify the analysis process by gathering all data and displaying it in one location. We have also learned a great deal from these tools and applied those learnings in the development our own products.


Survey & Task Management

This feature helps you in location-based tasks and surveys where assigned worker's effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity can be evaluated. This works in the online and offline survey procedure as well.


Alert Management

This ML based system enabled with various alerts like GPS alert (Inbound / Out bound), productivity Adherence, attendance alert, project working hours, interview time gap, and LOI etcetera for quality checking purposes.


Easy Integration with Google Form

Unite the third part survey tools like Google form, and connect survey etcetera with this feature to ensure online and offline survey & task completion.


Chat System

In this feature, users get assistance from the tech support team via text, location & images. It’s an accountable way to communicate with the users.


Live Streaming

This feature provides the live broadcasting of the screen of real-time users.


Notice Board

The administrator can create and publish various notices like text and media files to the verified authentic users using dashboards.


Operations can be optimized by utilizing the available resource, improving productivity, and lowering the cost. One can easily track and schedule the job status, Quotations, Parts, Inventory, AMCs, Service Reports, Invoices, and Feedback in a cost-efficient manner in coordination with a proven enterprise-scale CRM.

  • Location tracking and enquiring survey and task status
  • Appoint or reject survey & tasks
  • Ensure task completion status via Geo verification
  • Report aggregation
  • Data visualization
  • Data on demand
  • Adjudge decision-making via real time tools and data.

Sales & Marketing

For organizations with remote labor force groups like sales, support, and others, FSMS is the most appropriate item to evaluate and expand workers and generally speaking association's efficiency with the continuous information for strategic and key decisions.

  • Monitor productivity
  • Tracking meetings and real time location
  • Get geo-confirmed verification of customer visit.

Market Research (CATI and CAPI)

Our live tracking, live streaming, notice board, total productive hours and reports, location-based attendance, and alert management features have been altered from their outmoded methods in handling the interviewer workforce. Data captured and spawned out from these features have assisted our Researchers in taking key decisions regarding smart field planning and efficiently serving their end customers.

  • Instinctive dashboards and reports (XML, SPSS)
  • Measure efficiency
  • Incorporates with your current programming platforms like (google forms, confirmit, Surveyto go Etc..)

Cool facts about our app

  • Accessible on Android, iPhones, iPads, & Smartphones
  • Run limitless reviews and take Surveys
  • Construct unattended offline Survey app
  • Track feedback at anytime from anywhere
  • Remotely tracking feedback devices
  • Operates without Wi-Fi
  • Be acquainted with accurate status of report and statistics.



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