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15 USD

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20 USD

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Advanced Plan
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Number of features
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Forms / Surveys

Our open survey/form allows for unlimited responses
from any location, without any restrictions.


Tasks involve pre-assigned survey/form for specific locations
and are limited to a set number of respondents.


Push notifications are real-time alerts sent directly to user's
devices to provide instant updates or reminders regarding
tasks, appointments, or important information.

Attendance & History

Providing a comprehensive history of attendance records
and Interviews done by user's.

Location (GPS) Tracking

It enables you to designate specific areas as no-work zones
or vice versa, triggering supervisor alerts if any interviews are
conducted within those areas (Geo-Fencing).

Custom Profile
Forum/Notice Board

A notice board serves as a centralized platform for disseminating
important updates, announcements, and information to users
within the system.

Live Streaming

Streaming enables realtime screen broadcasting of on-site user
activities for remote monitoring and collaboration.

One to One Chat

Field management system application enables direct and private
communication between user's which helps in quick problem-solving.

Group Chatting

It enables real-time communication and collaboration among multiple
team members or stakeholders within the platform.

Right hand rule

It guides user to follow the right hand policy in Market Research projects.


It designed to facilitate the reporting and tracking of safety concerns
and incidents in realtime.

Project/Attendance Gallery

Allowing users to view and manage project details
iamges and attendance records images in one
centralized location.

Attendence Only


Custom Report
Alert and Dynamic Alerts

It is a notification designed to inform users of important
events or conditions, while dynamic alerts are real-time
notifications that adapt to changing circumstances or
data within the system. Such as LOI, Odd hours,
Incorrect number etc.



Crosstab Reports

This feature that presents data in a tabular format,
summarizing information across multiple
dimensions for easy analysis.

2 Reports per project


Live Tracking

It enables real-time monitoring and location updates
of field personnel or assets.

Google Maps like heat, marker etc

It includes heat maps and markers for efficient
location tracking and visualization. Collect ingest and
visualize geospatial data.

Charts like bar, pie, stacked bar etc

This features built-in chart types such as bar, pie, and
stacked bar for intuitive data visualization and analysis

Survey Maker Dashboard
Permission Access

Based on the different level of users/roles, can give
access to different modules of dashboard.

Unlimited User Types

Admin can make different level of users/roles such
as manager, team leader, DOC ETC.

Project Assignment
Google Form

Can integrate google forms directly to the forms

Online Survey
Unique Survey Code (Through SMS)

For checking Duplicate and also help in checking
last survey taken duration.